New roofs and roofing repairs in Reading

Does your roof need a repair or replacement? Don't let the elements creep in and cause costly damage, the roofing experts at Underwood Construction Services in Reading will repair or replace your roof, or fit new roofs to new properties.

Roofing services around Berkshire

Protect your home from the elements

Your roof can be easily neglected, with damage going unnoticed until you see the signs of water getting in. We can inspect, and repair your roof to give you complete peace of mind.

We also fit roofs to new builds to the highest specifications, so for all roof repairs and fitting, speak to Underwood Construction Services in Reading today.
Why repair or replace your roof?
  • Small repairs save big problems
  • Prevent damp and mould damage
  • Get complete peace of mind
  • Complete roofs fitted
  • New roofs for new builds
  • Qualified and experienced workers
Sleep soundly with your home protected by a new roof
Call 0118 976 2323
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